Here you can use the form to order your tickets.  When having placed your order we will send you a confirmation with payment details. Would you prefer do make a reservation by phone? That is also possible.  In that case please dial +31-6-15403125.  For an overview of all concerts please check the flyers, the Concerts page or the dropdown menu on this page in the form. Tickets cost $20,00 p/p and if ticketprices are in any other currency this will be mentioned on the flyer of the specific tour or concert. Children and teenagers until 18 years old always receive a  50% discount. If you want to make a reservation for a larger group (15+) you may be able to purchaise your tickets at a discounted rate.

Ja, dat is akkoord. Mijn tickets zijn dan omboekbaar naar toekomstige concerten.
Neem met mij contact op om dit uit te leggen
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